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Coaching can be carried out with individuals, teams or groups – whatever is appropriate. It’s a transformative, collaborative process for people who want to change something in their life. I liken my work to that of an interior designer; they’ll visit you to discuss how you use your home and what you’d like it to look like, create a mood board to discuss their vision and then they’ll carry out the work needed to get your home looking as you’d like it to. I work in a very similar way: discuss what goes on and how you want everything to look and then facilitate the change needed to make it happen. We start by finding out what your life is like now – what works, what doesn’t and what your vision is for how you’d like things to be. Together we create a ‘storyboard’ for a better life; we discuss your values

and beliefs and talk about what we need to do differently. We’ll identify and clear any obstacles in your way, and discover the power of perspective and what that means for you. I’ll then be here to support you through the process of change, balancing all of the elements that need to be addressed – and I celebrate with you once you’re ready to proceed independently, equipped with the tools you need to manage the rest of the change yourself. You’ll benefit from having someone to notice when you become distracted, remind you of your vision and give you positive feedback. Someone to be accountable to – someone whose voice is louder than the voice in your head which says ‘I can’t’. At the end of the process, you’ll feel happier and confident that your life will be different - and that’s what really matters.